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With customised learning that allows students to learn at their own pace and in their own style, it should be no surprise that students who use the Switched On Education online curriculum, show increased productivity, improvement in their grades, and greater enjoyment in their academic pursuits.


The Switched On Education lessons include more than 50,000 multimedia elements like interactive games, audio and video clips, external web links, and off-computer assignments. In addition, time-saving tools for students include automatic grading and lesson planning, a convenient internal messaging system, and real-time reporting tools.


The Switched On Education curriculum invites the student to experience features such as easy-to-use navigation, handy notes tools, inventive day-planning functions, and enhanced flexibility to suit any student’s learning style. Meanwhile, teachers have easy access to monitor student progress.


With a wide variety of features, Switched On Education supports academic achievement among diverse learners.


A powerful learning tool within Switched On Education, Writer, encourages practice and revision by providing students with individualised feedback during the essay-writing process to improve composition, spelling, and grammar.

Blended Learning Library.png
Blended Learning Library

Switched On Education`s collection of more than 250 direct instruction videos helps students gain a conceptual understanding of key math skills. The videos offer step-by-step guidance applicable in a group or individual setting, as well as blended learning environments and flipped classrooms.

Virtual Labs.png
Virtual Labs

Virtual labs introduce students to an interactive environment where they are in charge of solving problems and exploring a whole new world of science, technology, engineering, and math.

Teacher Authoring Tool.png
Teacher Authoring Tool

With the help of Switched On Education’s Teacher Authoring Tool, educators are free to blend material from existing SwitchedOn Education courses or create something completely new. Teachers can customise a lesson, project, quiz, test, or even an entire course.

Credit Recovery.png
Credit Recovery

Pre-tests before each unit assess a student’s understanding of course concepts and determine whether to assign coursework from that unit or move on to the next. Flex assessments also allow teachers to manually skip questions, assignments, or entire lessons.

Automatic Grading.png
Automatic Grading

The majority of student work is automatically graded with Switched On Education. Students receive instant feedback, and data is stored for later reporting with this practical, time-saving feature.

Data Management and Reporting Tools.png
Data Management and Reporting Tools

Switched On Education’s intuitive teacher dashboard provides visual reports of student progress for individuals, as well as a comprehensive view of all students, so teachers can quickly identify at-risk students and export reports to share with students, parents, and administrators.


This user-friendly application allows students to hear selected passages or entire lessons to promote greater understanding by simply highlighting the text within the lesson.

Certified Autism Resource

Switched On Education is recognised as a Certified Autism Resource by the IBCCES, allowing teachers to create customised courses to meet the individual needs of each student.

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